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Osteopathy For Pregnancy

I could talk a long time about the role Osteopathy has to play in a healthy pregnancy, to prepare for childbirth and also for post natal recovery. 


The demands placed on the female body during pregnancy are incredible, but what is more incredible is the way it adapts. Blood volume increases and so our heart and lungs work harder, our posture changes, ligaments loosen, some muscles tighten, others soften, not to mention what the bladder and pelvic floor have to deal with!


Some women cruise through pregnancy without an issue, but for others it is just plain, hard work. If there is residual tension in the body from previous traumas or stresses, and then the demands listed above slowly nudge their way forward, the body's ability to compensate for these demands can be hindered. Some common complaints during pregnancy can be back pain, sciatica, reflux, breathing difficulties, lethargy, sleeplessness, cramping and headaches.


Treatment is important to help the body change with the growing baby so that Mum is comfortable and baby has the room needed to find their optimal fetal position. 


I usually recommend that after the first trimester, treatment monthly for the term of a complaint free pregnancy is a good idea to help the body adjust and to prepare for labour. Treatment is gentle, fully clothed and usually performed sitting or sidelying. 

Paynesville osteopathy for pregnancy near Bairnsdale in East Gippsland.
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