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Osteopathy For Babies and Children

Treatment for babies and children has become a passion of mine over the years and a lot of my further education has been in this area. I took part in the Swiss Osteopathic Centre for Kids four year program in the treatment of children. It's a part of my practice I truly cherish. 


Some may think that treatment for young people surely couldn't be necessary, could it? But they experience traumas and stresses just as adults do. Often just their entrance into the world can be an event that needs compassionate, gentle hands to help ease tension left over in their little bodies. 


As they grow there are knocks and falls and illnesses that can be challenges to their little systems. Treatment is gentle, fully clothed and respectful of nature's forces that are growing and unfolding these little people with a perfect tempo. 


Don't worry about your baby crying during a visit or your toddler not sitting still long enough for a treatment. We can play on the floor, eat, read a book or crawl around the room! We can't force a treatment on a child, we wait with patience for them to let us in, and then the treatment begins.

Paynesville Osteopathy for babies and children. Gentle treatment near Bairsndale in East Gippsland.
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