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Don't be fooled into thinking that Osteopathy is a "new" concept. It was founded in the USA by Andrew Taylor Still, D.O. around the 1870's. 


My understanding of Osteopathy and it's role in patient health has been shaped by my last 12 years of practice and by an ongoing search to grow as a practitioner through further education and time spent in nature.

I've come to realise that my practice of Osteopathy is shaped by the following ideas:

  • Our normal state is a constant motion towards health. ie, we should be able to heal ourselves, And we do, every day from the little stresses we demand of our bodies.

  • Sometimes a little speed bump slows down that motion towards health or stops it all together. And then the incredibly smart organism that we are develops compensations. Sometimes those compensations give us warning signs, either little niggles or like our body is shouting at us through a megaphone that something isn't right. It's a large spectrum. Sometimes the compensation is so efficient we don't get any symptoms for weeks or months or years, until another little speed bump requires further compensation.

  • Force isn't required to put things right. If a body has come under stress, I don't feel that putting further physical stress into the affected area is beneficial, but rather can add further reason to compensate. 

  • Therefor, a gentle treatment approach that is respectful of the body's own intelligent movement towards a healthy state, is where I have found my best results for adults, children and babies. 


Paynesville Osteopath Jessica Weatherall
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