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Cranial Osteopathy

A lot of my post graduate study has been in the biodynamic approach to cranial osteopathy. Therefore, if you come to see me for treatment, at some point I will ask you to lay down, rest and let me work. 


Cranial Osteopathy is not, as the name may imply, the treatment of heads. It is a treatment for the whole body, the whole organism, to aid in it's return to a movement towards health. The biodynamic principles, taught by Dr James Jealous, teach that we are constantly unfolding and being renewed. This unfolding drives our growth and development as children, but also our healing throughout our whole lives. 


An area of our body that may be very tight or injured, still has a healthy motion within it, otherwise this area would no longer survive. The role of the "cranial osteopath" is to work with this healthy motion so that the part may return to the whole and so that the whole may return to health. 


Cranial Osteopathy in Paynesville, near Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. Jessica Weatherall.
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