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Paynesville Osteopath Jessica Weatherall East Gippsland Bairnsdale

Jessica Weatherall - Osteopath

Hi there, I'm Jess. I grew up in Orbost and went to high school at Nagle College in Bairnsdale, and after 16 years, decided it was time to head towards home again and here I am back in East Gippsland. 


I graduated from Osteopathy at RMIT in 2004 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) and a Bachelor of Osteopathic Science. Since graduating I have worked as an Osteopath in New Zealand, Scotland, Melbourne, and then since 2015 I've been back in East Gippsland. I spent ten years scurrying for as much information as I could squeeze in, dying to learn more and further my skills, travelling to the USA and Europe to study with Osteopaths I have grown to respect and admire highly.


In 2015 I had my beautiful little boy Leo, in 2016 my sweet baby girl Ida, and in 2018 another beautiful boy Hugo (I won't describe him as little as he weighed in at 5.51kg / 12lb2oz!). Though my hours dedicated to Osteopathy have were reduced by the demands of motherhood for a little while, my passion is still as strong and I am constantly trying to squeeze in new courses or teaching opportunities. I have an ongoing desire to learn, study, share osteopathy, through courses, study groups, reading, practice. I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful balance between work and family life, so I feel fulfilled on both levels.  


I feel that going hand in hand with my passion for osteopathy is my passion for the outdoors and nature. The more time spent in the quiet but powerful spaces of the ocean, bush, mountains or desert, the more I understand the importance of the natural laws in relationship to our own Health. 


I am here to offer a genuine contribution to one's journey towards health and healing. I am up for a chat about cooking, gardening, camping, four wheel driving, sailing, your baby, my babies, and probably a lot of other either very serious or very ridiculous topics in between. 


If you'd like to make an appointment or just have a chat please get in touch here

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